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Ewan 'Hendo' Henderson

Drinks Advisor & FMCG Specialist

  • Scottish award-winning communicator. 

  • Certified Scotch whisky ambassador. 

  • International drinks judge & sensory analyst. 

  • Dynamic interactive presentations. 

  • New product development consultant. 

  • Whisky, rum supply and solutions.

  • Global exports & market insights. 

  • Meaningful coach & mentor. 

  • All-sector training engagement.

  • Contributor to PR, agencies & brands.

  • Best-in-class highly creative content. 

  • FMCG New product development. 

  • Multi-sensory science content. 

  • World-class impartial representation. 

First to confidently pair whisky at a molecular level - menu specialist. 

Need a speaker to deeply engage clients? Want better training?

Need spirit supply or execute your brand? Don't get left behind 

- 2022 is your time, get in touch now!



Whisky Presenter & Entertaining Content

Business Conference


Rum & Whisky Videos,

Retail, F&B hospitality 

Image by You X Ventures


New Product Development, FMCG, Brand & Agency 

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YouTube Videos

During the ‘global reshuffle’ I created a series of drinks industry videos including  World Rum Regions, Scotch Whisky Regions and market insights to share my knowledge working in 40+ markets - you can watch in the links below


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What Audiences Have to Say


Ewan has been wonderful to work with promoting the whisky industry overseas. He is a respected and knowledgeable professional, engages with people well and is passionate about his work.

UK HM Consul General (Guangzhou)

I have to say that Ewan's approach to spirits tasting is as unique as it is innovative. Having attended hundreds of different tasting events, Ewan's events have always stood out as something special.

UK Food & Drinks Media  

Ewan is a highly skilled professional passionate and knowledgeable. He would be a great addition to any beverage companies in needs of management skills and market development.

Group Supermarket International Sourcing Dpt. 

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